skimbot smart pool robot:


  If you have a pool in your home instead of you can enjoy it you always worry about how to clean It or you waste most of your time cleaning the pool. Skimbot smart pool robot is the best product to clean your pool. With the Skimbot you can enjoy yourself most of the time and not worry to waste your time you can spend too much time cleaning it by using it you can easily clean your pool. For using it you don’t need it in your house or pool pump any installation.


This is the best way to clean your pool. You may have some advantages if you want to use the skimbot, the skimbot is the best solution for your pool to clean it. When you use the skimbot you can easily remove the insects, oils, pollen, and leaves from your pool, using the free solar energy and clean your pool easily, when you use it you can save almost 60% time. The skimbot product is new to the work and this is the only focus on the cleaning purpose. You can manage this product with the use of your iPhone or Your Android apps.


Some benefits of using the skimbot pool in your pool:


It’s a time-saving robot:


Using the skimbot is a time-saving process you can save almost most of your time for cleaning purposes. How to save time by using it? You put the Skim Smart pool in the robot and this automatically collects all the direst from your pool, collect its, insects and your leaves. Now, this is a very easy method instead of you cleaning your pool by hand-skimming.


Skimbot pool robot intelligent:


An excellent skimbot smart pool is here. with this, you can get your crystal-clear pool. If you are confused about how to operate the Skimbot machine then this is the best robotic technology. By the use of the robot, you can clean the whole pool efficiently by using the smart sensors by maneuvering around the obstacles, and along the edges to collect the nettec boost.


Control Skimbot by using Bluetooth:


The meaning of the control of Skimbot by using Bluetooth is that you can also control your Skimbot Pool machine by using your smartphone devices apps on the iPhone and Android mobile. By using this app you can also check the battery studs of the robot, the temperature of the pool, and others by just using a smartphone complete.


Solar panel:


It is mean that WE USE THE Skim boot smart robot with solar energy you can charge your skimbot smart pool through the solar system, what the question is it working at night? The answer to it is yes, you can even use it at night because they are fully charged. By using the Skimbot you can save much time instead of that waste if housing the filter pump and the pool vacuum, and you can also save your electricity bill.


The Skimbot Smart pool robot is smart:


No doubt it’s a smart machine that saves you almost many tie men as you can by using it to clean your pool quickly, with the use of its infrared sensors you can avoid the obstacles that you Fc and of the pool at many intricacies getting stuck. You can control it through your smartphone apps then you can also control its movement of it, it is also an IoT technology-based so by using the Android and iOS app you can interact through Skimbot pool cleaner. When Skims


How Skim Pool clean your pool:

It’s very easy to use the Skimbot smart pool robot in your pool. When using it you can simply put it in your pool and push it start and drop her, and the robot will do the rest. skimbot pool collects all the dirt from your pool and cleans your pool without any electricity use. It can clean your pool on solar energy.

Specification of the Skimbot smart pool:

  1. Debris washing
  2. Speed
  3. Distance to edge
  4. Edge Cleaning
  5. Surface type
  6. Beep alert
  7. Key lock
  8. Reset
  9. Operating time Adjustable






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